Natural gas matters to the Buckeye State. Ohio relies heavily on manufacturing and trade, and natural gas already provides lower prices for manufacturers’ electricity costs, and cost savings to Ohio residents while providing important jobs and investment in the state. In fact, the natural gas industry provides more than 255,000 secure, well-paying jobs in Ohio and contributes more than $28.4 billion in added value to the Ohio economy.

But there is more natural gas can to do help Buckeye businesses and residents.

With more support for infrastructure and as a way to provide the clean and affordable power the state needs, Ohio can do more to reap the benefits of natural gas.

Natural gas has been a clean, available and affordable part of the clean energy revolution for years. And there’s no question that natural gas should be included in future clean energy plans for Ohio. Look at the impact natural gas has already had in Ohio:

Natural gas boosts the Ohio economy.

The United States oil and natural gas industry contributes $1.2 trillion in added value to the nation’s economy. Within Ohio, the industry benefits the state immensely.

  • The industry contributes $28.4 billion in added value to the Ohio economy.
  • The industry contributes $12.7 billion to Ohio’s labor income, or the income paid directly to workers.
  • There are 13,712 natural gas-related business establishments in Ohio.

Natural gas creates jobs in Ohio.

The oil and natural gas industry doesn’t just create any kind of job in Ohio, it creates secure, well-paying jobs.

  • The industry supports or provides roughly 255,100 jobs in Ohio.
  • The average salary in Ohio across all industries is $45,486.
  • The average salary in Ohio within the oil and natural gas industry is $75,792, excluding gas station employees.

Natural gas is good for manufacturers.

Ohio is a state that relies on manufacturing and trade. In fact, trade supports more than 1.5 million jobs in Ohio, and has helped fuel the state’s recovery after the Great Recession.

  • Low natural gas prices help Ohio manufacturers reduce their electricity costs.
  • It’s estimated that American households, including Ohio families, gained an additional $926 in disposable income as a direct result of lower gas prices.
  • By 2035, American households like those in Ohio are expected to gain an additional $2,000 on an annual basis thanks to savings in electricity costs and products due to clean, affordable and reliable natural gas.